Review Process

The process of reviewing articles is of particular importance to all scientific publications of the world in order to improve the reputation of scientific efforts. The review process consists of blind peer-reviewed process in the sense that writers and reviewers have no information about each other's identity.

An article submitted is initially reviewed by the editorial team of the journal and will be sent to at least two independent reviewers if it complies with the journal rules. It should be noted that prior to the beginning of the review process, the article will be checked for plagiarism and, in the case of a proof of scientific plagiarism, the results will be announced to the author’s work and education place(s) as well as the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

The editor of the publication monitors that the review process is kept completely confidential and that no one other than the authors and the reviewers will be informed about the content of the work until published in the journal. The final decision on the article will be made by the reviewers and there are no external factors affecting this decision. In the case of disagreement between the reviewers, the final decision is taken by the third reviewer or the editorial team.

To support this process, please refer to the following points in submitting your article:

• The first file includes the title of the article, the authors' names, their affiliations and contact information along with the email, telephone number and full address of their place of residence;

• The second file contains abstracts, articles and references in full, without the information of the authors;

• The third file includes the authors' commitment form; and

The fourth file contains the plagiarism report.

Upon completion of the review process, the decision is made as one of the following options:

• Accept

• Conditional acceptance (requires review and modification);

• Reject