School Psychology
1. The Association of Academic Self-actualization, Self-regulation, and Classroom Socio-psychological Climate with Student Academic Motivation Mediated with Achievement Emotions

Nazanin Noorshahi; Taher Tizdast; Mohammad Ali Rahmani

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 28 November 2021

  The present study aimed to investigate the association between academic self-actualization, self-regulation, and classroom socio-psychological climate with students' academic motivation with the mediation of achievement emotions in high school students. The statistical population of this cross-sectional ...  Read More

2. A Study of Motivation, Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Feelings as Psychological Factors Among Iranian Non-English PhD Students in EPT

Mahbubeh Rezaeian; Seyyed Hassan Seyyedrezaei; Zari Sadat Seyyedrezaei

Volume 4, Issue 13 , Spring 2021

  As noted by Shohamy (1982), affective considerations in language testing have occupied an outstanding place in education. Despite the importance of this issue, it appears that the test-takers' perceptions regarding motivation, self-efficacy beliefs and feelings in addition to their possible relationships ...  Read More

3. The Impact of Motivation Strategies on EFL Teachers' Motivation and Reflective Teaching in Iran

Roya Saniani; Mahnaz Azad

Volume 1, Issue 2 , Summer 2018, , Pages 37-43

  The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of using motivation strategies on EFL teachers’ motivation and reflective teaching.  In order to do this, 30 Iranian female EFL teachers who were the researcher’s colleagues and expressed their willingness to participate in this study ...  Read More