School Psychology
1. Effectiveness of Flipped Teaching and Problem-Solving Methods on Problem-Solving Ability and Sense of Responsibility among Female High School Students

Fatemeh Razm; Fariba Hafezi; Fatemeh Sadat Marashian; Farah Naderi; Zahra Dashtbozorgi

Volume 3, Issue 12 , Winter 2021, , Pages 31-38

  Identifying the contributors to students’ academic performance and progress creates an approach for planning, developing, and perfecting educational programs. The present study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of flipped teaching and problem-solving methods on the sense of responsibility ...  Read More

2. The Effectiveness of Flipped Classroom Technique in Promoting Academic Motivation and Self-Efficacy among Students

Tayebeh Fallah; Fariba Hafezi; Behnam Makvandi; Sasan Bavi

Volume 3, Issue 11 , Autumn 2020, , Pages 69-75

  A flipped classroom, as one of the participatory learning techniques, is based on group dynamics and social interactions. The present study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of the flipped classroom technique in promoting academic motivation and self-efficacy among high school students. The research ...  Read More