The Content Analysis of Reading Comprehension Texts in English Proficiency Test: A Critical Thinking Perspective

Document Type: Original Article


1 The assistant prof. of English Translation Department,Lahijan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Lahijan, Iran

2 English language teaching



This study aimed at uncovering the extent to which the content of reading section of English Proficiency Test (EPT) engages the critical thinking. The corpus of this research included 16 reading comprehension texts among 24 recent tests, and totally 600 cases were randomly selected and analyzed based on Rummy’s content analysis method in terms of critical thinking. The content of the reading comprehension texts was examined in four general dimensions. Using William Rummy's content analysis method, the reading comprehension texts, pictures, questions, and activities were scrutinized through a comprehensive quantitative analysis. Frequencies and percentages were calculated for each category and the data were analyzed by using Rummy’s formula. The findings revealed that the reading comprehension content, questions, and activities of the EPT did not enhance critical thinking in respondents. Since Rummy’s model includes picture categories benefited from criteria of critical thinking, the texts were also studied to see if the pictures benefited from the criteria of critical thinking based on Rummy’s content analysis method. It was cleared that there was no picture in the reading sections of the EPT.